Nifty TL breakout @11685, what next ??

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

Trend Line breakout confirmed @11685, we are LONG for Wave5UP Tgts minimum @12777 / 13650

As mentioned in my earlier post dated 28th Aug 2020

Nifty Wave3UP got terminated @11685 at Trend Line resistance and retraced considerably in Sep 2020 to test 10800, although considerable higher than 61.8% retracement, we released all out LONG in NIFTY for immediate Tgt @11926.

Nifty Longs around 11040 levels for immediate Tgts @11375 / 11550 in Oct first week itself...

Nifty bullish view continued above 11550, mid-Oct Tgts @11950 also achieved..

Nifty50 is on Wave5UP with immediate Tgts @12400, further breakout from the 2020 highs confirms euphoria Tgts @12777 / 13650 by mid Nov 2020...

Didn't I tell you "Don't fight the FED" do not be surprised if Nifty50 tests 15555 by 21st Dec 2020.