Milk the Markets

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

Delta Hedge Options strategies are the best tool to milk the market with downside protected.

End April 2020 Nifty pulled-back to test 9900 the 50% retracement levels of the recent significant High & significant Lows. All leading indices just loves 50% retracements. Technically it completed Wave 1 UP @9900 odd levels and shall be heading for making Wave 2 DN to test 8660 [23.6% retracement] with a pause at the TL support @9040.

This piece of information from the Technical Charts indicated post the technical pull-back, Nifty would drift back to resume its downward trend. On 30th April 2020 we deployed Bear Call Credit Spread for May 2020 series.

Delta Neutralized @9000 & 9700 strikes, BEP @9550,

Max Profits per Lot Rs.40500/-

Max Loss per Lot Rs.12000/-

Risk-Reward 1 : 3.375

RoI @57.85% / 29days considering Rs.70k margin requirement per Lot.

The best part of the Options strategies is you can optimize it what I call Milking the Markets.

I booked over 27% on the strategy so far 05th May 2020 & again re-entered when Nifty rebounded on Monetary Package announcement to boost the Economy to the tune of Rs.20 Lakh Crores [10% of the GDP], to book on 15th May 2020.

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