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About the Author

I am independent financial/technical analyst and TRADER, trading Financial markets over a decade..... You will find my trading calls, surgical precision accurate, backed by detailed micro and macro trend analysis useful for Day Trading and Swing trades.

If not 'Gods' put 'Odds' in your favor. I guarantee that your trading experience shall never be the same.


Never believe in past performance which is not backed by the proof of timing of the release of the trade call, it is all marketing gimmick designed to rob you off from your hard earned money.

Check my some of the Past performance, it is the screen shot[see the timing of the calls] of the live calls passed on to our clienteles......WISH YOU HAPPY TRADING!!!!!

If you have decent fund size & would like to be invested in the markets go for our Hedge Fund Program for decent monthly Cash Flows, while your cash Equity portfolio grows nicely.   Don't miss the chance this time.


  My Expertise


  • Investment Consulting

  • Strategic Trading

  • Global Market Investment & Trading Strategy

  • Hedge Fund - Options Strategies

  • Astrology

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