Nifty heading for 11150 predicted in 2009

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

Nifty traded at 2400 odd levels in Oct 2008 heavy sell-off due to sub-prime crisis in US financial market, post that it witnessed sharp bounce to test 3200 in early 2009

In last 15years financial markets have given decent opportunity to enter at the lowest entry point in Oct 2008 sub-prime crisis when the markets at the rock bottom to Jan 2020, when it hit all time high.

“After a final low is established and 1st advance takes place, markets experience secondary corrections into higher bottoms. It is at the completion of the secondary corrections we are provided with the lowest risk opportunities to enter LONG investments & speculative positions.”

Thanks to our potent Technical Knowledge & wisdom, we captured both the lows in 2008 & highs in 2020..

Investment advised in early 2009 & profit booking in Jan 2020.

Back in 2008 & 2009, those days we didn't had WhatsApp or online communication tools. We managed Yahoo Groups, to send our market views to the investors community. When Nifty traded @2400 in Oct 2008, we flashed the bottom is in place & in the Secondary correction in early 2009 at the low risk opportunities full-fledged LONG was advised to build cash Equity portfolio, which we asked to liquidate in Jan 2020.

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