Healthy Lifestyle Protocol - Ten Commandments

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

Fight against #Covid2019 & all the diseases/illness physical & mental impacted Humankind

Human is the only animal on planet earth who doesn't know what Food is meant for him.. The confusion oflate has even increased with the socalled modern lifestyle. The modern lifestyle has got us believe in the factory products as our Foods.

Years of research of Ancient & Contemporary text finally I got to the conclusion what works & counts for your health. When it comes to consumption/intake, be as primitive as possible, thats the key. The Ten Commandments are so effective, that I can give an undertaking on the Gold Plate, that anyone who religiously follows shall get away with ANY diseases/illness including the most CHRONIC ones & shall never fall ill again as long as one follows the Ten Commandments.

I have also included the special tonic for Immunity Booster for fight against #Covid2019 #Corona

When I share the Ten Commandments with relatives & friends, got several request for workable solutions to get rid of the most dreaded disease #Cancer I have included the most cost effective remedy for #Cancer most of my friends call it Re.1/ Treatment for Cancer, that's what the tube of LimeStone cost in India.

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