Raining Profits in BankNifty Algo Trades

A picture is worth thousands words.

From the Lows of May2020 @17006 till Aug2020 high @24658 on 28th Aug 2020, our Algo generated 11 Trade signals in BankNifty. The Total Profits of 22250 pts for all the 11 Trades put together [rounded off to nearest zeros]

All our subscribers most of them are novice traders just following our Algo Trades, takes positions in Options.

Lets do some math's say every 700pts the options premium doubles in value. For 22250 pts in profits, Algo generated 30 opportunities to double your trading capital.

Ofcourse in real life, we apply all money management principles. Lets assume we could materialize only half of the 30 money doubling opportunities, still its 16000 times the returns, converting the trading capital of say Rs.1L to Rs.160Crs in short span of 4months.

What are you waiting for? Join us now and build your wealth effectively.


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