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WARNING!! Do not believe in the performance which does NOT let you know the date & time of the trade released... All the performance shown-on the advisory websites[without any screenshot of the trades] are marketing gimmick to rob you off from your hard earned money.

backed by broker chart
10th May 2012 - Trades
I believe in 100% transparency, my performance is backed by the screenshot of broker trading screen, which clearly shows the time-stamp [time of releasing the trade] vis-a-vis the live chart timing
For eg. Check the chart on the right[click to enlarge], kindly observe the timing of the release of the trade for the respective entry & targets levels on the Yahoo IM window, with the timing of the live broker chart.

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NoteThe charts with movement in cash-flows [be it positive or negative] are only considered worth display [this is what matters to any trader]. Trading holidays, trading breaks, days when our model did not show any trading set-up and/or the neutral cash-flow days ie. the trade entered however the trail SL @cost taken out, such charts are not shown  here to avoid clutter. 

The NET Profit shown below does not include the BONUS trades Profits:

30th Apr 2013 --à              40pts
29th Apr 2013 --à            45pts
25th Apr 2013 --à           150pts
23rd Apr 2013 --à               40pts
22nd Apr 2013 --à           NIL
18th Apr 2013 --à           105pts  Total 707pts PROFIT [Net of losses]
17th Apr 2013 --à             85pts
15th Apr 2013 --à             -10pts
12th Apr 2013 --à           90pts
10th Apr 2013 --à           65pts
09th Apr 2013 --à             75pts
08th Apr 2013 --à               22pts
01st  Apr to 06th Apr 2013 --à Trading break

28th Mar 2013 --à           90pts
26th Mar 2013 --à               25pts
19th Mar 2013 --à           120pts
18th Mar 2013 --à             25pts   Total 450pts PROFIT [Net of losses]
15th Mar 2013 --à           65pts
12th Mar 2013 --à                25pts
04th Mar 2013 --à             60pts
01st Mar 2013 --à              40pts

27th Feb 2013 --à            35pts  [Bonus BankNifty 95pts profit]
25th Feb 2013 --à           42pts
22nd Feb 2013 --à         32pts
19th Feb 2013 --à             25pts
18th Feb 2013 --à            --
15th Feb 2013 --à            20pts  [Bonus BankNifty 80pts profit]
13th Feb 2013 --à          115pts [Bonus BankNifty 170pts profit]
12th Feb 2013 --à             --
06th Feb 2013 --à          54pts   Total 403pts PROFIT [Net of losses]
05th Feb 2013 --à          80pts                          
04th Feb 2013 --à              --
01st Feb 2013 --à            --

31st Jan 2013 --à             25pts
30th Jan 2013 --à              --
29th Jan 2013 --à           50pts
28th Jan 2013 --à             --
24th Jan 2013 --à             50pts
22nd Jan 2013 --à            -20pts         
21st Jan 2013 --à                 27pts
18th Jan 2013 --à            93pts  Total 385pts PROFIT [Net of losses]
17th Jan 2013 --à               --
16th Jan 2013 --à              65pts
15th Jan 2013 --à              25pts
11th Jan 2013 --à             -15pts
03rd Jan 2013 --à            45pts
02nd Jan 2013 --à             40pts

28th Dec 2012 --à          35pts
27th Dec 2012 --à             25pts
26th Dec 2012 --à            45pts
Dec’12/Jan’13 --à
21st Dec 2012 --à             27pts
20th Dec 2012 --à             42pts
19th Dec 2012 --à            35pts    Total 451pts PROFIT [Net of losses]
18th Dec 2012 --à             75pts
17th Dec 2012 --à            43pts
14th Dec 2012 --à             35pts
07th Dec 2012 --à             34pts
05th Dec 2012 --à               20pts
03rd Dec 2012 --à             35pts

26th Nov 2012 --à               20pts
22nd Nov 2012 --à            33pts
21st Nov 2012 --à               43pts
20th Nov 2012 --à              55pts
19th Nov 2012 --à            30pts     Total 292pts PROFIT [Net of losses]
16th Nov 2012 --à             94pts
09th Nov 2012 --à             47pts
07th Nov 2012 --à            -15pts
05th Nov 2012 --à           -15pts

31st Oct 2012 --à             25pts
30th Oct 2012 --à             123pts
26th Oct 2012 --à             27pts
25th Oct 2012 --à               17pts
23rd Oct 2012 --à              33pts
17th Oct 2012 --à              22pts     Total 525pts PROFIT [Net of losses]
16th Oct 2012 --à              51pts
15th Oct 2012 --à             58pts
11th Oct 2012 --à               70pts
09th Oct 2012 --à               60pts
03rd Oct 2012 --à             39pts

28th Sep 2012 --à            26pts
27th Sep 2012 --à             30pts
26th Sep 2012 --à               49pts
24th Sep 2012 --à              40pts   Total 313pts PROFIT  [Net of losses]
21st Sep 2012 --à             20pts
07th to 19th Sep --à  [Vacation]
06th Sep 2012 --à           108pts
04th Sep 2012 --à             40pts

30th Aug 2012 --à             64pts
27th Aug 2012 --à              27pts
23rd Aug 2012 --à              25pts
17th Aug 2012 --à             30pts
16th Aug 2012 --à            50pts
13th Aug 2012 --à           35pts
10th Aug 2012 --à                 22pts     Total 426pts PROFIT [Net of losses]
08th Aug 2012 --à            28pts
07th Aug 2012 --à              32pts
06th Aug 2012 --à             35pts
03rd Aug 2012 --à            43pts
02nd Aug 2012 --à              35pts

31st July 2012 --à
27th July 2012 --à
25th July 2012 --à
24th July 2012 --à
19th July 2012 --à
18th July 2012 --à
13th July 2012 --à
06th July 2012 --à
05th July 2012 --à
04th July 2012 --à
03rd July 2012 --à
02nd July 2012 --à

28th June 2012 --à
27th June 2012 --à
25th June 2012 --à
22nd June 2012 --à
21st June 2012 --à
08th June 2012 --à
05th June 2012 --à
04th June 2012 --à

31st May 2012 --à
29th May 2012 --à
25th May 2012 --à  
24th May 2012 --à
23rd May 2012 --à   
22nd May 2012 --à
18th May 2012 --à
17th May 2012 --à 
16th May 2012 --à
15th May 2012 --à
11th May 2012  --à
10th May 2012  --
03rd May 2012  --
02nd May 2012 --

27th April 2012 --à
24th April 2012 --
18th April 2012 --
17th April 2012 --
11th April 2012 --

26th Mar  2012 --à
02nd Feb 2012 --à
20th Jan 2012  --
18th Jan 2012  --
16th Jan 2012  --
13th Jan 2012  --
12th Jan 2012  --
11th Jan 2012  --
22nd Dec 2011 --
19th Dec 2011 --