Index Options Strategies[IOS]

If you are an HNI / Fund Owners / Broker running Prop-desk or Private Capital Pool(PCP) looking for a decent returns from the markets without any risks?  We have perfect solution for you; Strategy based investments - Index Options Strategies[IOS]

Why IOS??

As you know the traditional investments destinations no matter how safe & secure they are has failed to achieve the primary objective ie. growth; In traditional investments 'Safety of funds' & 'growth' has become mutually exclusive:   based on year 2010 statistical data.
  • Bank Deposits[FDs]: Failed to cover the WPI inflation leave alone the retail inflation for eg. 8% Bank FDs with lock-in [6% without lock-in] do not match the 10% WPI[Essential Commodities] inflation. Lock-in period makes it even worst; you do not have access to funds at times of dire needs.  Year 2010 statistics, specific for India.
  • Mutual Funds[MFs]: Over 71% of the Mutual Funds across the globe [who invest in equities, without hedging the portfolio] trade below the par value[accrue losses to investors], only handful are profitable & balance trade at par for years[opportunity loss for the investors].  
  • Equity Portfolio[PMS]: As we all know the market movement beyond a certain range is not trust worthy, hence predicting any movement & investing/trading based on such prediction is futile as the market do change every minute/day/week. Such equity portfolios although for short period they tend to gain, have failed miserably over the longer period.

    Trading with small capital say upto INR 5L or so is alright based on such intra-day movements, however if one has to invest a large sum say few millions, it's insane to take naked[un-hedge] positions as the loss dispersion does not justify such investments.. that's the precise reason why MFs fails.

    We have overcome all such traditional investment concerns - Invest in highly researched IOS - yes that's the future of investments:

    Our business model:
    • Funds remain invested in the investors own account with the SEBI registered, NSE/BSE Trading Member[Broker]  ie. we STRICTLY do not accept the funds/investment in our name. 
    • The investor has his personal LoginID & Pwd to access his online account anytime.
    • Limited Power of Attorney[LPoA] is executed which shall enable us to place the strategic trades in the Investors account.
    • MOU signed with the investor, hence complete transparency of the agreed terms.
    • Invoice raised at the month-end enabling Investor to claim deduction in his IT returns.

    Highlights of the Strategic investments:

    ·    The funds are invested in the Options[Hedge] positions without any view on the market, hence the potential to profit does not depend on whether the underlying will go upwards or downwards.

    ·         Unlike directional trades, the options portfolio has dual point profit zone, whichever level market hits first the position is liquidated to book profits.

    ·         The IOS strategy has very low risk at initiation[as safe as FDs] as the strategies are based on Vega.

    ·         The portfolio is dynamically hedge to effectively "trap" the underlying within a value range, which makes difficult for the underline to escape handing over a profit.

    ·         It's an excellent diversification to a traditional trend following program, nevertheless the returns are positively co-related to trend following methods but has very low risk, owing to non-directional bias.

    ·         It's shall not make anyone millionaire overnight / weeks, it is designed to yield constant cash-flow over the years.

    Kindly go through the presentation below:

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