Sunday, January 3, 2010

Trading is not for fun, excitement or thrill, it is a very serious business with clear objective of making money!!

Do you ever wonder, Why only 5% Traders almost always make MONEY, while rest 95% grapple with losses!!!

No matter how successful you are in your field, be it business, corporate executive, professional or a housewife, having interest in Trading Financial Markets. However none of the conventional education ie. Graduation, Post Graduations, Management Diplomas, Professional courses, Doctorates, experience, skills to manage large business, ego etc will work when it comes to trading Financial Markets.

Trading any Financial Markets demands a specialized skill-set which many people lack & thus are getting extinct in no time.

Answer honestly:
Q: When you want to get a dress stitched for yourself OR say your stomach is upset & need some medical attention. What do you do?  

Do you start buying books on tailoring or human anatomy & start reading the basics to handle the situation to achieve the desired results?


Find out the best tailor in the town or medical practitioner & get your desired results by paying professional fees & live your life happily.


You have two choices:
Do you want to do it yourself to be successful trader by creating your rules, trading systems and finally burn your fingers?  By all means you can do that, but the point is:  Are you ready to be a Trader??  To go through hassles of buying expensive software, real-time data, Technical Analysis Courses, Seminars OR other necessary expertise, tools & infrastructure required for real-time trading? 

Q: How much time it takes to be a trader? who at-least does not loose the capital[forget Profits]
A: Well, if you are smart, it shall take anywhere 5/6 years to come to that level… &
    If you are VERY smart, it shall take at-least 10/12 years to reach that level…


Leave this for professionally Qualified & Experienced Technical Analysts….


Why Trade Nifty [Futures & Options] ???
  • Have you ever experienced the stock/ stock futures trade you entered went into your direction & then suddenly it reversed only to take stop loss.
  • High probability technical set-up suddenly go bust.. The trading public has been conditioned to behave in predictable ways that the big fat cats take advantage of.
  • That’s right, certain patterns, like ‘head and shoulders’ and 'break outs', and so forth, are often a trap designed to separate you from your money.
  • Our research shows that Nifty is highly technical set-up, No individual Fund-House /Trader/Operator can manipulate in their favor. Hence a good instrument for trading.
  • Having said that identifying an trading set-up is not a child's play, it require tremendous experience & professional mindset to trade all types of market conditions.

It’s your chance to pay-back & not only make your living, but also start building your wealth through Nifty trading... I invite you to trade S&P CNX Nifty Futures & Options!!

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